Mortgage Market

The term mortgage has acted as a boost to the housing market over the world. Mortgage can be defined as a method of having property instead of paying the total value of the property.It simply means as making a loan while an individual or business owns a real estate.
In the mortgage practices, there are mainly two parties involved. One is called mortgagor who borrows and the mortgagee is lender. The mortgage types among the countries over the world can be of different types depending upon the kind of property, lands and other conditions.

Country Mortgage Information
As per the mortgage Informationabove, the mortgage practices differ from country to country over the world. The mortgage GDP ratio, which truly indicates the peoples participation in the mortgage business are very low in the developing nations.

The mortgage GDP ratio among various countries as in the year 2001 over the world is as follows: The mortgage types and rates charged among the various countries differ.

Mortgage GDP Ratio (%) in Countries

In United States the mortgages use are of two types such as Fixed Rate Mortgage and Floating rate mortgage. The tenure for the fixed rate mortgage is generally for 15 years and 30 years. On the contrary the Floating rate mortgage constitute 1 year.

In Singapore the mortgage types can be categorized in to two types such as Fixed Rate Mortgage and Flexible Rate Mortgage.

In Canada the mortgage types can be differentiated in to two types such as Fixed Rate Mortgage and Variable rate mortgage.

In Thailand both fixed rate and floating rates are being used.

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013