Mortgage Brokers In Boston

Mortgage brokers in Boston help individuals to avail mortgage loans. In the last couple of years, fraudulent activities of these brokers were detected, which caused them to come under a lot of scrutiny. As many as 10 broking firms stopped operations.
The mortgage brokers in Boston were doing very well until it was found (2006 and 2007) that there were many mortgage brokers in Boston who were indulging in fraudulent activities.

It was discovered that there were several mortgage brokers in Boston who had intentionally magnified the assets of the borrowers so that they become eligible for qualifying for mortgage loans.

Services offered by mortgage brokers in Boston:
The role of mortgage brokers includes helping out the borrowers or their clients with appropriate information about the prevailing mortgage conditions in the market. Helping them to decide as to which rate of interest (floating or fixed) would be best suited for the client.
Comparing quotes of different mortgage lending companies is also one of the services offered by the mortgage brokers in Boston. In fact, they can make the entire transaction of loan processing a very trouble free activity as they become well versed in their subjects after carrying out extensive research.
More about the fraudulent activities of the mortgage brokers in Boston:
In the year 2006, the State government stopped operations of as many as 7 mortgage brokers in Boston. This may be attributed to the fact that they indulged in lending practices, which had deceived many innocent borrowers in the process. It was also decided by the Bank of America Corp., that they would not be providing mortgage loans to the mortgage brokers any further. On different occasions, the concerned authorities had conducted investigation to detect the fraudulent activities.

Given below is a list of some of the mortgage brokers in Boston. Some of the firms also deal with mortgage lending in addition to mortgage broking in Boston. It may be mentioned here that not all the companies mentioned below offer equal services to the borrowers.
Christopher Kemp Estate Agents
Weller, Russell & Laws Financial Services Limited
Brackenbury IFA Limited
R A Barclay (Boston) Limited
Alexander-Thomas IFA
Dianne Bell Financial Services 2324
Boston Financial services
Fw Forman And Son
Eurosure Investment Services Limited
John T.S Taylor Financial Services

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013