Home Loans Canada

Home Loans Canada (HLC) is a division of the CIBC Mortgages Inc. which is situated in Saskatchewan. It offers different types of mortgage solutions to its customers. In all the other provinces of Canada, The 3877337 Canada Inc., which is a subsidiary of CIBC Mortgages Inc., is working as Home Loans Canada.
CIBC Retail Markets has a broad distribution network serving clients through more than 1,000 branches with approximately 28,000 employees. CML acts as CIBC’s manufacturer of mortgage and lending products. Using a multi-brand/multi-channel strategy, CML is responsible for the development, distribution, servicing and profitability of various mortgage brands and distribution channels like HLC Home Loans Canada.

The HLC Home Loans Canada mortgage brokerage operation includes selling CML house brand (CIBC, PCF, FirstLine, and Sutton) and third party mortgages.

The HLC mandate is to originate profitable, new mortgage sales volumes. HLC’s Vision is to be the leading mortgage brokerage company in Canada & its Mission is to be the recognized mortgage brokerage-of-choice through managed excellence in:
Our People
Our Customers
Our Referral sources
Our Community

The HLC offers the best possible solution for the client’s financial goals including credit line, new home construction, searching for a home etc.
The HLC itself has taken the responsibility of bringing the mortgage to the clients. The HLC team is ready to meet anywhere and anytime with the client
The clients get a number of choices at the HCL. They can choose from the best lenders, in both non-traditional and traditional markets of Canada along with several new products.
The HLC offers their clients the most innovative home financing solutions.

Partner commitment
The HLC Home Loans Canada is associated with an array of partners including realtors, builders, and financial planners & offers Partner Rewards Plan which is an online points program that rewards partner referrals with a broad range of rewards. HLC Home Loans Canada achieves financing needs of its clients by finding the perfect mortgage solution. Their teams of Mortgage Broker/Agents focus solely on delivering the very best home financing solutions thereby benefiting its clients.

HLC Charitable Foundation is one of the many initiatives taken by HLC Home Loans Canada. It was established in 2002 with a simple idea of finding meaningful ways to give back to the communities across Canada in which the HLCteam live and work.

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013