Reverse Mortgage Marketing

Studies reveal that the baby boomer population is increasingly nearing the retirement age. This should make the baby boomers more vulnerable to any program, which vouches to fulfill the financial needs in the post retirement periods.

Features of the reverse mortgage loan:
Reverse mortgage marketing strategies may be regarded as successful if they appeal to the financial needs of the senior citizens. Reverse mortgage, quite contrary to the forward mortgage loan programs or the traditional mortgage programs are extended only to the elderly people who have attained 62 years or more.

However, the intending borrower also needs to own a house against, which the reverse mortgage loan may be taken. It is also obligatory that the borrower has spent at least a period of 6 months in the house (against which the reverse mortgage has to be availed of).

Understanding the needs of the senior citizens:
The main cause of concern for the elders or the retirees is that they worry about the source of income. Since they will have no regular income source after retirement they usually opt for reverse mortgage schemes.
In case of reverse mortgage, the borrower is required to repay the mortgage loan once the house has been sold or the borrower dies. He is also saved from the fear of his house getting confiscated due to non-payment of monthly installments.
Marketing techniques influence decision making:
It should also be remembered that the availability of funds also influence the decisions taken by the elderly borrowers. Addressing the needs of the borrower and customizing reverse mortgage loan program in accordance may make a reverse mortgage marketing technique successful.

In general, there are many reverse mortgage-marketing tools, which are used to enhance sale of reverse mortgage loans. The tools are in form of packages, which are made use of under different circumstances. The names of a few tools are mentioned below.
(I) Referring products and services to others:
There are many acquaintances of the reverse mortgage agent who contribute to the sale of reverse mortgage loans by selling the products verbally to others. It is a kind of advertisement when the services offered by the agent are made known to other people. This is one of the most proven as well as effective methods of marketing reverse mortgage loan plans.
(II) Greed Stimulator:
This is another marketing tool, which is used to attract homebuyers.

Whatever may be the marketing tool used, the first and foremost factor is recognizing the individual needs of the consumers and easing the financial pressures faced by these senior borrowers.

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013