Reverse Mortgage Rules

Reverse mortgage rules govern all activities pertaining to reverse mortgage loans. More and more people are turning to reverse mortgage loans. With more number of senior reverse mortgage borrowers entering the reverse mortgage market, several have opted for reverse mortgage loan schemes as alternative income sources after retirement.
There are several advantages of reverse mortgage. One is also not required to repay loan on a monthly basis and one does not have to worry about forsaking ones home due to inability to make payments.

The loan repayment is to be done after the borrower dies, leaves that house to settle elsewhere or sells off the house.

Reverse mortgage rules are many but some of the prominent ones are given below.
A borrower is allowed to repay the reverse mortgage loan amount in full or in part during the tenure of reverse mortgage loan. He will not be penalized for doing so.
A reverse mortgage loan may have rate of interest, which may be flexible or fixed. At any point of time if the borrower intends to return the amount, he has to do so as per the rate of interest prevailing in the market. Rate of interest may also be framed as per the valuation of the property if the need be.
Closing costs may be included in the reverse mortgage loan. This may be charged at maturity or on a periodical basis.
The borrower will be required to repay the reverse mortgage loan under the following conditions:

(i) In the event the house against, which the loan has been availed is disposed off.
(ii) It may also be transferred.
(iii) When the house is no longer occupied as principal residence
(iv) If the borrowers or co-borrowers cease to exist.

In addition to the above-mentioned norms, there are certain reverse mortgage rules, which are very basic in nature and has to be satisfied prior to applying for the reverse mortgage loan.
They are:
The borrower needs to be 62 years or more.
Should be owing a house (which may serve as a mortgage tool)
Should be occupying the house for a minimum of 6 months.
Older the borrower, more mortgage amount may be availed of

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013