UK Mortgage

The UK mortgage industry is one of the best in the whole world. The UK mortgage market is full of variety and almost 4000 loan products are available in the market. The borrower has enough option to choose an appropriate mortgage loan that suits his need.
This is an unique feature of the UK mortgage industry and is helping the industry to grow rapidly. UK mortgage market is regulated by the Financial Services Authority or FSA. Role of the government in UK mortgage market is very limited and the government interrupts in the market very seldom.

Another customer-friendly feature of the UK mortgage market is the growing competition among mortgage providers of UK. The huge number of loan products are the main cause of this competition.

UK mortgage companies are always focused on innovating new loan products for the market and to attract as much customer as possible through that product.
For the purpose, the borrowers are provided with very competitive mortgage loan interest rates and flexible repayment plan.
Interest Only Mortgage
Repayment Mortgage
Endowment Mortgage
Commercial Mortgages
First Time Buyers
Buy To Let Mortgages
Spanish Mortgage (for holiday home)
Pension Plan Mortgage
ISA Mortgage

The professional mortgage brokers or the mortgage brokerage firms play an important role in the UK mortgage market. The huge number of products can create confusion for the borrower. On the other hand, there are the mortgage brokers who have the necessary experience about the field and can help the borrower. Because of these services, prospective borrower gets the chance to select an appropriate mortgage product.

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Last Updated on : 24th August 2013